Week 48 – Women’s day

François: Dear beautiful gardeners, This week, on March 8, took place the International Women’s Day (IWD). I would like to take this opportunity to remind ourselves that women’s, as well as gender and sexual minorities’ rights are the result of fights that are still going on today, and that are always to be defended. I’d … Read more

Week 47 – Buzovgrad

Peter and Anastasja: Dear readers,   As promised last week, in this week’s blog post, we will tell you about our wonderful weekend in Buzovgrad. Buzovgrad is a small village close to Shipka, surrounded by rose-fields and Thracian tombs. We were hosted there by our mentor Pol, who is our contact person, in case we … Read more

Week 46 – Shipka and Soil Acidity

Peter and Anastasja: Hello friends and family,   Last weekend after our PDC, we took a few days off, and visited Momin Prohod, where Aleko and Marta from Green Association (greenassn.com) invited us to stay in the association’s house. It is a house that hosted many volunteers, and you can see little details of their … Read more

Week 44 – Welcome to Anastasja and Peter! Climatic factors I: microclimates, and Plant propagation

François: My fellow gardeners, This week we are very pleased to welcome Anastasja and Peter to our team! I will let them introduce themselves 😉 No transition, here is the beginning of a new saga, this one about climate and its consequences in agriculture and permaculture in particular. To begin with, what is climate? According … Read more

Week 43 – Soil fertility (part II) and Seedlings

Paula: Welcome one week more to our blog! Here in Todorovo bad weather has become into our faithful companion of adventure. Making seedlings has been one of our main priorities but most of the time we have been indoors. Thus, I will continue telling you more tips to improve your soil fertility. GREEN MANURE Bare … Read more

Week 41 – Hügelkultur and garden planning

François: Dear readers, As promised, today I will introduce you to the topic of Hügelkultur! Because I’ve read and learned a lot since the previous blogpost, my opinion on it has changed, also I will try to give you an extended and contrasted view on its principles, critics and alternatives. The term Hügelkultur, borrowed from … Read more

Week 39 – Happy new year!

François: Dear readers, After a well-deserved break due to the end of the year celebrations, we are happy to be back writing in the blog! This week I would like to start with a (very short) Bulgarian lesson, wishing you all a честита нова година! Pronounced “Tschestita nova godina“, it is the common way to … Read more

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