Week 55 – Midterm evaluation and the Seed Festival

François Hi everyone! This week we’ve been busy with something very special, under the form of an online “midterm evaluation” provided by the National Agency of the European Solidarity Corps. It was a 4-days long program, 7 hours a day, dedicated to help us reflect about our experience as volunteers in Bulgaria and think about … Read more

Week 54 – Mulching & Pest repelling

Anastasja:   Hello all!   This week was quite short because we had Easter Monday off, and Peter and I were still in Plovdiv. When we got back to Todorovo we started fixing the irrigation in the Red house garden and the Sunny yard, replacing or fixing leaking pipes and tubes. We cleared out and … Read more

Week 52 – Seed scarification and flashback to Buzovgrad

François: My beloved readers, Because I haven’t written in the blog last week due to a series of unfortunate events including a week of vacation, I thought that I’d come back with a vibrant subject: seed scarification. Many seeds possess a shell that protects them for exterior hazards, such as temperature or moist. But being … Read more

Week 50 – Spring!

François: Dear readers, As its equinox took place on March 20 (or 21, depending on your location!), Spring has officially begun. At this occasion, I would like to wish to you all a very good Spring, and growing season in general! Of course, signs of the season to come were to be observed in the … Read more

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