week 70 – A story of a permaculture garden in the city; Tips on applying permaculture principles in an office. History of permaculture.

Hello dear ones, it’s Marija
This week, I decided to use my vacation days to come back to my home country and take a driving license exam. It felt very nice being with my parents and enjoying my hometown. Everywhere we go, we can find inspiration, so this week I will be sharing with you, dear readers, mine. When I was a little child, I remember we had a vegetable garden in our backyard. It was what is considered for most people “normal” garden. My parents were tilling, weeding and using big amounts of water to keep the garden alive. I don’t remember them spraying the plants with chemicals, but during those times, I don’t think it was as popular as it is in the more recent years. For me growing up, it was a normal thing to go down to your backyard and get some food, and food that was much tastier than the one you buy in the stores. This is in our culture, if you didn’t have a garden in your home than you surely had one at your grandparents. But then at one moment my parents decided that they will plant grass and not make a garden anymore.
Up left: Zelnik – one of my favourite dishes
Down left: Plum tree decorated with pots with flowers
Up middle: Flower garden
Middle: Inchplant
Down middle: view on the vegetable garden
Up right: Marija picking strawberries
Down right: Flower garden
So years passed by, I got interested in permaculture and natural lifestyle but never really shared much with my parents about it. Then 3 years ago, at spring time, my mother told me that she is making a permaculture garden on the place of our old garden. She has been studying the concepts online, she found some YouTube channels, she joined some Facebook groups about organic gardening, and she was ready to start this new chapter. I was super impressed and inspired. They made the raised beds, brought soil and straw bales, and started the composter. She only took seedlings from our neighbours that she knew had organic and old seeds, I also gave her some of the seeds I had. She is using different types of natural fertilisers, depending on the need of the plants. Since then on, the garden is flourishing every possible season. I have to admit, my garden has never looked as good as hers. Her dedication and care really pay off. So this week I made a video with something that really inspires me. I hope you enjoy it.
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